Disputing an Order
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Disputing an Order

We all hope to get exactly what we ordered, but we also know that's not going to happen every single time. You can open a dispute for orders where required (eg. wrong product delivered, missing product, spoiled products, etc), via OrderEZ's mobile application.

  1. Open the order you want to dispute.

  2. Click the three dots at the top right and hit "Dispute Order".

  3. Enter any notes about the dispute and upload photos of the issue.

  4. Click "Open Dispute".

The supplier will receive a notification with your notes & photos related to the dispute and the order is labelled "In Dispute" so that your accounts team and management know that this wasn't your everyday delivery and that special attention should be paid.

Upon the resolution of a dispute, simply open the order, and hit "Resolve Dispute"

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