Release Notes - 19 July 2023

Introducing our newest feature: Displaying Inventory Levels (Plus a sneak peek of whats coming soon!)

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July is here (and almost gone) but the hardworking team at OrderEZ is rolling out our latest feature: displaying inventory levels! We've also included a few bug fixes, and make sure to make it to the bottom for a sneak preview of the data dashboards we've been hard at work on.

Display Inventory Levels

Our supplier users now have the ability to display their inventory levels to all, or some of their customers, and with this update we are enabling greater control of customer's ordering via the B2B portal.

Customer's POV

Dive into our entire Display Inventory Levels feature article here, and as always feel free to reach out to the team if you need any help setting up.

Other Updates

  • Freemium customers are no longer able to edit an order after it is Accepted.

  • API Updates for ChartBrew sync

Data & Reporting Sneak Preview

We're excited to show you a sneak preview of what we've been hard at work with behind the scenes! We've partnered with ChartBrew to create real time data & reporting dashboards. We hope to have them live in the coming weeks, and will be adding new data features and functionality in the months to come.

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