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OrderEZ for Outlets Will Now Become Foodrazor!
OrderEZ for Outlets Will Now Become Foodrazor!

Read below to see what this change means for you

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Last year, OrderEZ purchased Foodrazor and has been running the two platforms side by side, but behind the scenes we have been working on merging them into one. Over the coming days, you'll see a slight update to the OrdreEZ platform.

What does this mean for me?

As an organization already on the OrderEZ side of things, not much is changing! There may be some new branding in certain places, and some features are moving spots. From day one - you'll have access to a brand new reports tab, giving you access to purchasing data.

Other than that - keep your eyes peeled for further communications where we'll preview new features that are coming soon.

What's moving? Where will it be?

Let's run through it below!

New Overview Tab

Depending on your user role, when you first log in, you'll be dropped in a new overview tab.

From this page, you'll see:

  • Any orders that may need approval

  • Any suppliers that do not have a contact assigned to them

  • Any invoices with action needed (more on this later!)

  • New products for the month

  • Any recent price changes for products this month

Moving Some Things Around 🏗️

The Products tab is now Ordering under the Orders tab.

Orders is now History under the Orders tab

Pending Updates has been renamed to Processing

New Suppliers Tab

Ordering Method Visibility

We've added a column that designates which suppliers have what ordering method enabled.

Supplier's Tab ➡️ All Products

We've created a new All Products catalog section to enable you to manage your product catalog more efficiently. Here you can:

  • Create and Select Product Groups for your Products

  • Control Product Visibility

  • Update Product Pricing

  • Update Price Change % Notification

New Reporting Tab!

Your biggest benefit on day one? Our brand new Reports section.

Here, you can see can get a breakdown of product purchasing data & insights. Narrow down by supplier, category, date range, or product group using the filters - and see how much you've been buying and what you've been spending.

Click on a product for more specific data, and the export button at the top right gives you everything in a CSV export.

Over the coming two weeks, we'll be releasing help center articles on how to utilize any new features, as well as rolling out a How-To Video Series on how to use every feature.

Any questions about what's coming? Reach out to your OrderEZ account manager, or email us here!

We're very excited about the suite of improvements and updates we'll be rolling out over the next few months, and we're grateful to continue to be able to build a platform that helps you each and everyday.

Thank you,

The OrderEZ Team

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