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Rather than walking through the account setup in the abstract, we’ll do a little case study using our fictional alcohol distribution business, Supplied by Spirits.

The team at SBS is just getting started at OrderEZ and here's the advice we gave them.

👉 roll up your sleeves and let's do this. 🙌

Here’s the order we recommend attacking

  1. Supplier Settings - Get your info and users all setup.

  2. Customers - Add who’s buying from you, assign pricing, and assign sales reps.

  3. Products - Import in bulk or go one-by-one.

  4. Sales Dashboard - Not very fun until you have some data in there, but amazing once you do.

Don’t like the onboarding path, back off man, I’m a scientist. But we're not watching so go forth and carve your own path and if you have problems. If you have problems...who you gonna call (actually let's just chat, bottom right).

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