Having something to sell is important, but having someone to sell to is even more important!

Add new Outlet

This sweet little button gives you two choices on how to create a new buying account:

When you go to add a new Outlet, you'll see that it will ask you to search for an Outlet. The database of Outlets grows in every market as new Outlets and Suppliers sign up. It won't have any of the confidential information about the Outlet, but the basics like address, etc. will already be there. If you see your customer, fantastic! Simply select your customer and connect to them. If you don't see your customer, choose "Create New..." and move onto the next step.

If you have a Xero account connected to your OrderEZ account, new contacts from your Xero account can also be synced to OrderEZ. When you search for the Outlet, you will be able to see that this new Outlet is coming from Xero. Simply click on the Outlet name and same steps will follow below.

From here you're given two choices: DIY or Send Onboarding Link. DIY allows you to input all the information about the outlet right then and there, done and dusted. The Send Onboarding Link allows your customer to fill out the information if they want to start buying from you saving you the time and effort of collecting the info and typing it in. Both methods serve a purpose, just choose the right one for that customer.

1. DIY

Input the info step-by-step including contact details for the team at the Outlet. Good news is if you have all the info you don’t need to wait on anything, bad news you’re doing the data entry. After you input the basics about address, etc. you're taken to the user page where you (or the customer if they're doing it themselves) will be asked for three people a Representative, a Finance Contact, and an Ordering Contact:

Do note that the format for the phone number is [+][country code][number] (e.g. +6591112222).

Next, you're brought to the page to review the inputted information and you're given the opportunity to send your Terms and Conditions to the client. You can also choose if you want to default to all of your products being available to this customer or none (you can amend later).

2. Send onboarding link

This nifty little feature allows you to send a link to your digital account opening form to anyone via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. This lets them put all the info in themselves, ensures more accurate info (they know themselves better than you do), and gets you a signed contract in the process. The process that you did for the DIY account opening is exactly the same as the Outlet will receive except there will be a Terms and Conditions page (that you set up in Supplier Settings - Onboarding Settings) for them to accept.

You might be thinking: Okay, I've sent them the link. Have my Outlets set up their account? Can my sales guys start approaching the Outlets? We have just the right answer for you! Learn more here!

What do my customers see?

  • Email invite - When you create the account in the system the user identified gets an email inviting them to sign up. It looks like this…

  • Ability to login - They will be able to login to OrderEZ, see your full catalogue (whatever you have made visible), place orders, and view their entire order history.

Manage existing Outlets

After you have added your Outlets, you can still make changes to key information (eg billing and delivery address) or sales setting (eg assigned sales representative). Check out our article "Managing Outlets" for more details!

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