Creating New Orders

Placing new orders for your Outlet can be as easy as adding to cart and hitting the submit button.

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tl;dr - Creating orders on OrderEZ is super intuitive; you can do so on both desktop or OrderEZ's mobile app

(1) Add products to cart (You can add products from multiple Supplier)

(2) Review the order and add order notes

(3) Submit order request

On desktop

From the Products page, you can search for the product to purchase. You can also filter by Supplier and categories. Enter the quantity of products and click on the Add to Cart button on the right.

Click on the cart icon at the top right of the page to review the products added to the cart.

Select the type of order (either regular or standing). Set your requested delivery date for regular orders, and it will be sent to your Supplier immediately. If you select "Standing", set the order start date and repeat interval. You can also leave a note to your Supplier (eg special instructions).

Pro-tip: You can add products from multiple Suppliers into the shopping cart. When you submit the order request, the different orders will be sent to each Supplier accordingly! πŸ˜„

Where products from different suppliers are selected, the mini calendar for the requested delivery date will show the most restrictive date.

Eg. Supplier A has a cut-off time of 3pm for next day delivery, but Supplier B has a cut-off time for delivery 2 days later, the calendar will show the next available delivery date as 2 days from the order date.

Click on "Submit Order Request" when you are ready.

On OrderEZ's mobile app

  1. Click on the "Products" tab at the bottom of the app to see all products. You can also use the filter and search function on the top right corner. Click on the product you wish to purchase.

  2. Enter the quantity of the product and click "Add to Cart". You can add multiple items from different suppliers.

  3. Click on the "Cart" tab to view a summary of products you wish to purchase. You can also leave a note to your Suppliers and select the type of orders. Click on "Submit Order Request" when you are ready.

Pro-tip: A faster way to add products to cart - simply swipe right! Add whichever products you need to the cart, then edit the quantity and submit the order request πŸ˜‰

The status of the order will be Pending. Depending on the preferred way of new order notification set up by your Suppliers, they will receive either an email, a SMS or a WhatsApp notification, where they will accept/decline the order.

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