Resolve Disputed Order

Resolve the dispute to let everyone (eg. your accountant) know that we've sorted things out.

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So your Supplier sent you a wrong or damaged product. You raised a dispute to inform them and got it all sorted out (thankfully), it's now time to resolve the dispute and mark the order complete.

tl;dr - Resolve Disputed Order

(1) You can resolve a disputed order on your laptop or on OrderEZ's mobile app.

(2) After resolving the dispute, the status of the order will be marked as Completed with a red dot (Completed with Dispute).

On your laptop

Open the disputed order and click on "Resolve"

On OrderEZ's mobile app

Similarly on the mobile app, open the disputed order and click on "Resolve Dispute".

The status of the order will be Completed with a red dot, indicating that there was an issue with the order but have since been resolved.

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