Or have an order for 20 products of different quantity that you ordered two weeks ago but want to order again today? Read on to learn about reordering on OrderEZ!

On your laptop

You can reorder declined or completed orders. To do so, open the order that you want to reorder and click on "Reorder".

Then, click on the "Add to Cart" button. All the products from the order will be added to your cart.

From there, you can make changes to the order (eg. removing certain products, or changing the quantity of the products). Once you are ready, click on "Submit Order Request".

On OrderEZ mobile app

  1. Open the order and click on the "Reorder" button

  2. Click on "Yes, Reorder" and the items will be added to the cart

  3. Navigate to the cart and you can remove some items/change the quantity accordingly before submitting the order.

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