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Setting up Xero Integration for Outlets
Setting up Xero Integration for Outlets

Need some help with the Xero integration ? We're here to help!

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The Xero integration will make the lives of your accounting team so much better. Orders will flow into Xero as Pending Bills to Pay, so your accounting team just needs to approve the bills and viola! Updated accounts, happy accountants and the big boss is going to be thrilled because that means we get to close the month sooner!

Read on to see how!

tl;dr - To set up the Xero integration:

(1) Have your Xero login credential ready

(2) Navigate to the Xero Integration page and click on Xero

(3) Select your COGS account and tax code

(4) Match your Suppliers with contacts in Xero

Connecting to your Xero account

Navigate to the Group Setting page by clicking on the company name on the top right corner of the page, then "Go to Group Settings".

In OrderEZ an Outlet and a Cost Center will be treated exactly the same. So if you split the COGS of your venue between Kitchen and Bar, you'll create two Outlets, one for Kitchen and one for Bar. If all purchases go into one COGS account then you only need one Outlet.

Click on the Outlet or Cost Center that you want to integrate with Xero, then click on the "Integration" tab.

Then, click on the Integrations tab and click on Xero. Click on "Connect" and "Confirm". Then, you will be brought to the Xero login page.

After logging in, select the Xero account that you want to integrate with, then click on "Allow Access".

Account Setup

Select the corresponding line from your Chart of Accounts (eg: Cost of Goods Sold ) and purchase tax rate, then click on "Next Step". Then select the applicable tax rate (as shown in Xero).

When orders from OrderEZ get synced into Xero as Bills to Pay, they will be posted to this account after approval.

Once ready, click on "Next Step".

Supplier Sync

On the Supplier Sync page, Supplier names from OrderEZ (if any) will appear on the left. Use the dropdown box on the right to select and match the corresponding contact from Xero. If the Supplier has not been set up as a Contact in Xero, you can leave it and come back to match the contact later because once you order from them OrderEZ will auto-generate a new contact. Once ready, click on "Go to Overview".


Check the account and Supplier setup on this page and once you are happy with it, hit the "Finish" button to complete this process.

Facing any issues when setting up your Xero integration? Do also check out "Troubleshoot your Xero integration (Outlets)"!

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