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For Suppliers to add bulk add new customers to OrderEZ

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Adding a new Customer is really easy in OrderEZ, but if you're just getting started and have 50 Customers and can be a bit tedious. We created the bulk upload Customers feature to save you time and minimise manual data entry work. Simply pop the data into our CSV template and upload the file to OrderEZ. Uploaded Customers will be saved as "Draft", letting you set up special trade prices for them before officially inviting them to the platform!

tl;dr - Bulk uploads let you create new customers en mass

(1) Download CSV, complete, and upload

(2) New customers are added in DRAFT status

(3) Edit pricing, if necessary

(4) Send Invites

Start by navigating to the Customers tab, then click on Upload Customers via CSV.

Download the CSV template and fill in your customers info.

Then, select the updated CSV file and click on "Upload CSV".

Check that the Customers have been uploaded successfully, and you can start setting up and assigning special prices to the Customers. Once you are ready to invite your customers to OrderEZ, click on "Send Invite" to trigger an invitation email to the Customer.

What will my customers see?

They will receive an email inviting them to claim their FREE OrderEZ account, and with the free account, they can easily access your product catalogue and raise new orders with you.

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