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Using OrderEZ in your day-to-day sales process
Using OrderEZ in your day-to-day sales process
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Beyond just order management and operations, OrderEZ is also built for Sales Managers and Sales Reps to manage their sales pipeline and increase their chances of winning new customers.

tl;dr - Using OrderEZ in your daily sales process

(1) Sales prospecting - Keep track of your potential buying customers and upcoming tasks needed to close the deal

(2) Onboarding new customers - Easily open accounts for your new customers and guide them to place their first order with you

(3) Managing your customers - Are your customers purchasing regularly from you or not? Get a clear picture of the Outlet's buying patterns and personalise your interactions with them

(4) Upselling - Gain business insights about the purchasing habits of your customer

Sales prospecting

It is common for sales rep to set up several meetings before you successfully onboard an Outlet as a new customer - you have to get acquainted with the GM, Chef, or Bar Manager first, know what menu they offer, what products would be appropriate and finally discussions about product pricing.

With OrderEZ, set up new potential Outlets as target accounts and grow your list of prospects. At the same time, record follow up tasks and To-Dos with these Outlets so you have an organised process of converting them to your buying customers.

Onboarding new customers

You have successfully closed the deal and your new customer has said they're ready to start buying from you, hurray! You want to make it super easy for the new Outlet to place their first order with you and we want to make it super easy for you to do so, so we made sure that you can send an onboarding link to the Outlet straightaway with custom pricing just for them.

From the Account Activity page, click on the target account that you want to onboard, then click on the "Send Onboarding Link" button. A unique link to an account opening form will be sent to the Outlet for them to set up their Outlet and login details before bringing them straight to the ordering page for them to place an order.

Managing your customers

Now that you have shared the account opening form with the new Outlet, you want to make sure that they successfully set themselves up and can start placing orders. The Account Activity page is a very useful tool for this. Here, you get an overview of all your Outlets - whether they have completed the account opening form or placed their first order with you.

You want to focus on the Outlets in the following buckets:

(1) Pending Account Opening - Why haven't they complete the form? Did they miss the email? You can resend the invite to them via email, WhatsApp, or SMS.

(2) Account Open, Yet to Buy - They have successfully onboarded, but why haven't they placed an order?

(3) Not Ordering - These are Outlets that did not place an order this week/month (depending on how you filter the page). Was there a change in their menu? Win them back with other product offerings and quickly see what they last ordered.


Upselling is a win-win strategy: you get to enjoy increased revenue while enhancing customer experience.

Learn more about the Outlet's buying patterns from your Sales Dashboard, where you can get a breakdown of the most ordered items of an Outlet. Coupled with regular check-ins and you can get a better understanding of the current and upcoming menu plans. From there, you can make suggestions on other products you offer. This will increase customer loyalty and trust because they feel that you offer value.

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