Managing Multiple Delivery Fee

Have different delivery fees for different neighbourhoods, clients, or extra charges for the weekend, here's how you can manage it.

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We recently added a new feature to automatically add a single default delivery fee to an order when the minimum order amount is not reached. But we know that suppliers often have more than just one delivery fee (eg. weekday vs. weekend). Whilst we may eventually develop a solution to variable delivery fees, here's how we can manage multi-tier delivery fees today.

Scenario: As a Supplier, you have 2 tiers of delivery fee - weekdays at $15 and weekends at $20.

2 ways to do this:

(1) Set a default delivery fee and create a product for the difference

1. Set your weekday delivery fee as the default fee

2. Create a product for the difference between the two delivery fees

Pro-tip: If you are using the Xero integration, be sure to do a Product Sync to ensure the product in OrderEZ is properly linked to that in Xero!

3. When you receive an order for weekend delivery, simply edit the order and add the surcharge product to the order

This way, you will have the majority of the automation covered and you only need to add the delivery fee surcharge for weekends deliveries!

(2) Edit the delivery fee

Alternatively, you can also edit the delivery fee for weekend deliveries. Click on "Manage Order", then "Edit".

Hover over the delivery fee line, then click on the pencil icon to edit. Once you are ready, click on "Save Changes".

The corresponding invoice created in Xero will also reflect the updated delivery fee.

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