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Life as an Accountant of an F&B Outlet that uses OrderEZ
Life as an Accountant of an F&B Outlet that uses OrderEZ

We want to make the accountants of the world spend a little less time on the mundane; advisors, not paper pushers.

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Apart from making ordering and managing orders EZier, OrderEZ is also built to make accountants' life EZier through the Xero integrations. Here's what your life would look like with OrderEZ.

tl;dr - Using OrderEZ as an accountant

1. Checking of Xero draft Bills to Pay against the picture of Supplier invoice

With OrderEZ, all accepted orders will be synced into Xero as draft Bills to Pay. Info such as product name, price, the supplier you purchase from, COGS account, even the attached picture of supplier invoice will all flow into Xero nicely. All you need to do is review the draft Bills to Pay and hit the approve button. Simple and neat. 😎

2. Updating product price and visibility in OrderEZ

As you are checking the supplier invoice against the draft Bills to Pay in Xero, you might notice some discrepancies - maybe there was a change in the product price or a missing line item in the Xero bill. In such cases, you should

(1) Update the Xero bills

(2) Update the product price and visibility in OrderEZ

To update the product price and visibility, click on the Suppliers tab and select the Supplier. Then, click on the Products tab, where you can set the visibility of a product to "Visible" and set the product price.

It's an investment in tomorrow. If you update the details today, they'll automatically flow through correct tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. Do the work once, benefit for ages!

Pro-tip: Setting the product to "Visible" will ensure that the product can be seen on the product feed page. For more information about product visibility, check out "Managing Product Visibility".

Why is this step important?

By maintaining the info in OrderEZ , Outlets will be able to find the products they need and place orders for them at the right price. This also means the bills that flow into Xero will be accurate and you will need to make little or no amendments. πŸ‘ More time savings

3. Updating Offline Orders

Sometimes, Outlets may order new products from their list of existing Suppliers, or from completely new Suppliers. In such cases, they will place an offline order by contacting the Supplier directly and record the completed order as an offline order.

After receiving the products, Outlets will snap a picture of the supplier invoice and upload it to OrderEZ. The supplier invoice will appear on the "Suppliers" tab, under "Pending Updates".

It is important to update the offline order by setting up the corresponding supplier, products and pricing. This set-up is done once to allow for future orders to be done in OrderEZ and to flow through to Xero.

4. Maintaining Supplier list on OrderEZ

When a new Supplier is added to OrderEZ, be sure to ensure that the Supplier is matched to the correct contact in Xero so that the corresponding draft Bills to Pay will be created correctly. If the Supplier is brand new to the company then when you create them in OrderEZ they'll automatically be added and mapped in Xero, but if you've worked with them before you can map however you like.

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