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Receive an order from a Supplier not in OrderEZ, or buy a new product from an existing Supplier? That's when you need to log offline orders!

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Offline orders refer to completed orders from Suppliers that were not placed through OrderEZ, but we still want to keep a record of them in the system (cause your accountant is going to want to know).

It is important to log offline orders and attach the relevant invoice to the orders. Ultimately, we want to set up these Suppliers and Products so that in the future, you will be able to place orders using OrderEZ.

tl;dr - Offline Order

(1) After you receive the products and supplier invoice, log an offline order by uploading a picture of the supplier invoice and click on "Add Offline Order"

(2) Log in to OrderEZ on your laptop. Click on "Suppliers", then "Pending Updates" to find the offline order

(3) Complete the offline order by setting up the new supplier or new products

(4) Completed offline orders will also flow in Xero as draft Bills to Pay.

Step 1: Log in to OrderEZ mobile app to upload the invoice

  1. Click on the "Orders" tab at the bottom of the app, then click on the '+' button

  2. Select "New Supplier and/or Products"

  3. Upload a picture of the invoice and click on "Add Offline Order"

You can upload more than one picture of the invoice. However, if the invoices are from different Suppliers/different order date, do upload only one invoice per offline order!

Please also ensure that you upload an upright and clear picture of the invoice, it will help ensure the process of updating the invoice so much easier! πŸ˜„

Step 2: Log in to OrderEZ on your laptop to complete the offline order

Click on "Supplier" at the top of the page, then click on "Pending Updates". You will see the submitted pending offline orders. Click to open.

You will see the picture of the uploaded invoice on the left. Enter the Supplier's name on the right panel. You can either select from your existing connected Suppliers, or click on "Create New", then enter the relevant information to create the new Supplier. You also need to select the order date. Once you are done, click on "Next Step" on the top right corner of the page.

Next, you will add the products accordingly. You can select available products (if any), then scroll down to set the purchase price and quantity. If the products have not been set up, scroll down to create new products either manually or via CSV upload.


- Updating Market Price products: select "Regular Price" under the Price Per Unit column and enter the unit price and final quantity of the product.

- Updating final price of the product with different sales and price units: Select "Total Amount" under the Amount column and enter the final price of the product.

Once ready, click on "Go to Overview".

Review the order and click on "Submit Order" to complete the process!

Pro-tip: If you noticed that the product is already an existing product of the Supplier, chances are that the product visibility is currently set to "Hidden". You may want to set the product to be "Visible", so that it appears on your products page in the future and you can easily place an order for it. Click here to learn how to do so!

What next?

Updated offline orders are marked as completed (since you already ordered the products and received them), but you will see an icon next to the order. Hover over the icon and a note will pop up, indicating that the order was logged retroactively.

Accidentally logged a duplicated offline orders? You can also delete the duplicated offline order by hovering over the order, then click on the delete button on the right!

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