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OrderEZ life for orderers in an F&B Outlets
OrderEZ life for orderers in an F&B Outlets

Find out how OrderEZ can help you streamline your ordering process!

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Outlets are often overworked and short on time. From menu creation to customer service, administrative processes are the last thing you want to worry about. Read on to find out how OrderEZ can help you manage and control your backend processes, so you can focus on delivering front-end excellence.

Using OrderEZ as someone ordering food and beverage

1. Setting up standing orders for products you order regularly

Find yourself placing orders for the same products from the same supplier weekly? With OrderEZ, you can set up standing orders to automate this process. Standing orders will be sent out according to the interval you set up. You can also edit the interval or stop the order whenever you need to. This way, you will not forget to place your weekly order for oat milk!

2. Send separate orders to each of your suppliers easily

After adding the products you want to order to your shopping cart, OrderEZ automatically splits them into separate orders to be sent to each of your suppliers, eliminating the need for you to manually contact each supplier via email/WhatsApp chats to place the order. You can also add specific order notes to each supplier before submitting the order. These order notes are tagged to the order, which means that you can always come back to the order to view the notes and order history whenever you need to.

3. Setting up a maker-checker process to manage your cost

You can also set a purchase limit for users, creating an approval checkpoint in your ordering process.

Throughout the week, team members can create orders in OrderEZ. Orders above the purchase limit will have the status "Pending Approval" and will not be sent to the supplier yet. Daily, weekly, or whenever your team decides, you can meet to review the orders and make adjustments before the order is approved and sent to the supplier This will allow the manager to have visibility to the total amount spent in the week, letting them better manage the direct cost of operating.

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