Release Notes - 28 April 2022

Another exciting batch of updates to improve the OrderEZ experience!

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We're bringing you another batch of updates from our April sprint πŸƒ where we continue to improve the OrderEZ platform. This month we've added these vital features & improvements: gross margin metrics by products & outlets for suppliers, a new order completion workflow for outlets, outlet managers can now approve orders, & order totals now exclude tax and are calculated slightly differently.

Gross Margin For Products - for suppliers

We've been working hard behind the scenes to integrate additional metrics into our Sales Dashboard page. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive view of key insights, metrics, and forecasting indicators to truly help you understand your business performance and help guide you in making those important decisions. This is yet another step in adding a layer of data-driven metrics to the OrderEZ platform

Under the Products tab of the Sales Dashboard, we now display your gross margin as a % on each individual product. Now you can see the profitability of a particular product in real-time.

We've also implemented the gross margin metric for outlets! Make your way over to the Outlets tab in the Sales Dashboard. Now you're able to see the gross margin from all your products purchased by a particular outlet, giving you insight into the profitability of a particular customer.

New Order Completion Workflow

We have redesigned the workflow of accepting orders. Upon completing an order, users are now greeted by a new prompt - "Does the invoice match the order?"

If everything looks great - then awesome, check yes, and the order is simply marked as completed.

But we've built the workflow out for the "No" instances. This way in the event that there is a quantity or price discrepancy/missing or additional product/missing order - it alerts the team and/or account manager that action needs to be taken for this order.

Once you select "No" and upload the invoice, the order status will change to "Needs Attention"

From here, a team member or account manager can go into the order, to correct the discrepancy, or add additional products.

When you go to Edit the order for additions or adjustments, we've created a new split-screen view, similar to what you see when completing a pending Offline Order.

From here, you can adjust the quantity and pricing, as well as add or remove items to ensure it matches the invoice.

Check out our Completing an Order article for a turn by turn directions on how to navigate this workflow change, and all the alternate routes found along the way!

Outlet Managers Can Now Approve Orders

Previously, only Outlet Group admins were able to approve orders. We've not introduced functionality to give outlet-specific managers within a group permission to approve. No more unnecessary order & system emails from the other outlets under a group to those individuals - woohoo, fewer notifications! πŸ₯³

To enable individuals to approve orders for one specific outlet make your way to the user settings tab under "Group Settings", switch the individual's role from Admin to Manager, ensure "Approve Order" is selected, and that they are designated under the proper Outlet.

Order Totals Now Exclude Tax

We've made some changes to the order total that's displayed at the top of the order portal for both suppliers & outlets. Previously the total number was calculated based on all of your Completed orders with taxes included.

As of today, that number is calculated by taking all of your Pending & onwards (Approved, Scheduled for Delivery, Completed) orders excluding taxes.

Other Changes:

-Delivery address formatting was fixed in various locations on the platform & in email notifications.

-CSV exports of orders now include the product category, and for suppliers, the sales representative.

-Order & delivery dates align more seamlessly across the platform & purchase orders/invoices.

-The mobile app prompts you to upload the invoice for both "Scheduled for Delivery" orders AND "Pending" orders right away. No need to go back into Completed orders to upload the invoice!

-Users are no longer limited to uploading one invoice field & can now upload multiple pages of invoices to an order.

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