Completing an Order

Every story has a beginning and an end, Completed is the end of your order's lifecycle and what lets everyone know it's done and dusted.

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After you have received your orders, it is important to upload the invoice and hit the complete button for the order in OrderEZ. Completing an order will give the green light to your accountant/bookkeeper to make payment to your Suppliers, or whether they need to hold payment due to a dispute in the order.

You can complete an order on your laptop or on OrderEZ's mobile application.

tl;dr - What to do after you receive your products from the Supplier

(1) Open the order on OrderEZ

(2) Check the invoice you received, and make sure it matches the original OrderEZ order you placed.

(3) If everything is looking swell, check "Yes" and upload the invoice. If the order is funky, hit "No" to signify we need to take action for this order.

(4) With orders marked as "Action Needed" refer to our Action Needed Guide to take care of anything that went off track in the process.

On Your Laptop

From the Orders page, look for the order to be completed. You can search via the order number, or filter by date, Supplier or status. Click to open the order.

Click on "Complete Order" and you'll be greeted with a prompt asking you if the invoice matches the order.

If the Invoice Matches the OrderEZ Order

If everything is tidy and the invoice you have received matches the original order you placed via OrderEZ, hit yes, upload the invoice, and hit "Confirm Delivery" to complete the order.

Pro-tip #1: Supported format of invoice includes JPEG, PNG and PDF.

However, not everything always goes according to plan.. (although we sure wish it could in these kinds of instances!)

If the Invoice Does Not Match the OrderEZ Order

In the case where you did not receive all the products you have ordered (perhaps the products were out of stock), there are pricing or quantity discrepancies, or the order includes additional products - we'll select the no option & proceed with uploading the invoice. We've also left a note describing why we marked the order as such.

For example, you order 5 bottles of Aviation Gin, but when the order comes your supplier only delivers 2. We want to signal that the OrderEZ order needs to be modified in order to match the delivery invoice.

What this does is it marks the order as "Action Needed" signifying that something went awry and we'll have to modify the OrderEZ order to match the final invoice.

Pro-tip #2: The quickest way to compare the delivery invoice to the OrderEZ order is by comparing the order totals between the two, and seeing if they match.

From here, follow our Action Needed Guide on how to take the appropriate action to get everything buttoned up & complete the order.

On OrderEZ's Mobile App

1. Click on the "Orders" tab at the bottom of the app and look for the order to be completed. Click to open the order.

2. Click on "Complete Order".

3. Select whether the invoice matches the order, upload the corresponding invoice, if applicable leave a note, and tie the knot by clicking "Confirm Delivery".

If the delivery invoice matches the ordering - it's smooth sailing for this order. If not, the order status will be set to "Action Needed" and you can follow these instructions on how to take the proper action to complete an order.

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