After you have received your orders, it is important to upload the invoice and hit to complete button of the order in OrderEZ. Completing an order will give the green light to your accountant/bookkeeper to make payment to your Suppliers, or whether they need to hold payment due to a dispute in the order.

You can complete an order on your laptop or on OrderEZ's mobile application.

tl;dr - What to do after you receive your products from the Supplier

(1) Open the order on OrderEZ

(2) Check that you receive all the products you ordered and that the supplier invoice only have products that you bought.

(3) Once you're happy with that, click on "Confirm Delivery" and upload a picture of the supplier invoice

(4) You can partially complete an order if you did not receive all the orders from a Supplier.

You can also complete an order on OrderEZ mobile app.

On your laptop

From the Orders page, look for the order to be completed. You can search via the order number, or filter by date, Supplier or status. Click to open the order.

Click on "Complete Order". Upload the invoice and/or any other relevant images (eg delivery note). You can also leave a note to your Supplier. Then click on "Confirm".

Pro-tip: Supported format of invoice includes JPEG, PNG and PDF.

Partially complete an order

In the case where you did not receive all the products you have ordered (perhaps the products were out of stock), you can exclude the products before completing the order.

Open the order and click on the product you want to exclude. After you strike off the product from the order, click on the "Complete Order" button.

You can view the included products and excluded products from the corresponding tabs.

On OrderEZ's mobile app

1. Click on the "Orders" tab at the bottom of the app and look for the order to be completed. Click to open the order.

2. Click on "Confirm Delivery"

3. You can upload multiple pictures of the invoice to an order. Once you are ready, click on "Confirm".

The status of the order will be completed.

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