Creating an Offline Order

For when you receive products, but there is no order in the OrderEZ system.

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Creating an Offline Order

There are situations where orders make their way to you, and they were never placed through the OrderEZ platform. Whether you ran into a sales rep in town and they'd agreed to send you over some new product, or the chef brought back the freshest catch from the wet market, we'll need to create an offline order for these types of orders.

While offline orders are a two-step process - from the mobile component, you only need to worry about the simple first step.

Hit the + in the blue circle under the "Orders" tab, and you'll be directed to a page where you're prompted to upload an invoice. Simply capture the invoice - and viola! - your job is done.

After the offline order has been logged with the invoice attached your account manager or team member should process the order via a web browser through the following steps.

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