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Who do you purchase your products from and how do they get into OrderEZ?

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Before creating new orders, you first need to be connected to your Suppliers. Here's how you can connect to Suppliers.

Step 1: Search for Supplier

Start by clicking on the Suppliers tab on the top of the page, then click on "Add New Supplier".

Try searching for the Supplier in OrderEZ's database. If the Supplier is already in the database, adding the Supplier is as simple as connecting it to your Outlet. Click on the Supplier and click on "Add Supplier".

If the Supplier is a OrderEZ Premium Supplier (meaning they use OrderEZ themselves and identified by the yellow badge next to their name), a connection request will be sent. The Supplier will have to accept the request before you are able to see their products.

If the Supplier is a Freemium Supplier, you will automatically be connected to the Supplier.

Find out more about the different Suppliers types here.

Step 2: Add Supplier contact

For Freemium Suppliers, you will also need to add your point of contact for the Supplier (eg. the sales rep). This is the person who you are liaising with and this will ensure they receive email notifications regarding your orders. If your Supplier has an "" or if you have a sales rep, put them here (better yet, add both).

Pro tip #1: Be sure to keep your Supplier contact email address updated! New orders will be sent to them via email.

Pro tip #2: Need to add more contacts, or specify a primary contact? Click here to learn how!

Step 3: Managing products and prices from the Supplier

Finally, for Freemium Suppliers, you can manage the products that you purchase from this Supplier. Go to "Suppliers" and you'll see "Supplier Info" and "Products". The Products tab shows all the products anyone has ever ordered from this Supplier (but not the prices, sorry guys but we're friends with the Suppliers too).

For Premium Suppliers, you can manage the products only after the Supplier has accepted your connection request. Click here to read more.

1. Set product visibility

You may not purchase all the available products from the Supplier, hence you can manage the visibility of the products by setting them as "Visible" or "Hidden". By setting the visibility to "Visible", the product will be listed on the main Product page, where you can easily add the product to the cart and place orders; having the visibility of the product as "Hidden" would mean that the product is not readily available on the Product page, giving you a less cluttered Product page.

2. Setting prices for products

For Premium Suppliers, the prices of the products are set by the Suppliers. You can only propose a new price to the Supplier. If you have a deal in place from that Supplier, it should be included here. For Freemium Suppliers, the prices will be managed by you. Click on "Set Price" and enter the purchase price.

Premium Suppliers - propose a price

Freemium Supplier - set a price

3. Adding new products

The product list for Premium Suppliers is managed by Suppliers and Outlets are not able to add new products. The product list for Freemium Suppliers, however, is managed by you. There are two ways to add products: manually and using the CSV upload.

Add Products Manually

To add a new product, click on the "Add New Product" button.

Enter the product name, SKU, category and price, then click on "Add Product".

Add Products using CSV upload

A quick summary of how to add products using CSV upload:

  1. Click on "Import/Export CSV", then "Upload CSV"

  2. Download the CSV template

  3. Enter relevant information and save the file as CSV (.csv)

  4. Upload the CSV file

Still not very sure? No problem at all! Do check out our step-by-step guide here!

Once you are ready with the products, click on Finish to complete the process!

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