In OrderEZ, there are several types of Suppliers:

Premium Suppliers

These Suppliers are currently using OrderEZ to manage their orders, and have set up a wide range of their products on the platform. Upon connecting to these Suppliers, the connected Outlets will be able to see the product offerings of the Supplier, and can readily place orders for them.

These Suppliers can be identified by the yellow badge next to the Supplier's name.

Find out how to connect to this type of Suppliers here.

Freemium Suppliers

Freemium Suppliers were added into OrderEZ by Outlets, it's user generated content. After the Outlets have added them as new Suppliers, these Suppliers will receive an email inviting them to set up an optional Freemium account. Upon setting up their login, Freemium Suppliers can use OrderEZ to manage only the orders of Outlets that have added them as a connection.

Click here to learn how to connect to this type of Suppliers.

New Suppliers

New Suppliers refer to Suppliers who are completely new to OrderEZ; brand spanking new! Outlets will need to add these Suppliers before they can place orders to them. Here's how to add brand new Suppliers to OrderEZ.

More articles on syncing Suppliers from Xero integration coming up!

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