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What to do when something went wrong with an order.

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We all hope to get exactly what we ordered, but we also know that's not going to happen every single time. You can open a dispute for orders where required (eg. wrong product delivered, missing product, spoiled products etc), either on your laptop or on OrderEZ's mobile application. This flags the order so that your accounts team and management know that this wasn't your everyday delivery and special attention should be paid.

tl;dr - Disputing an Order

(1) You can raise a dispute on your laptop or on OrderEZ's mobile app

(2) It is good practice to add as much info as possible - what is the reason for the dispute? Do you have any relevant pictures to attach to the order?

(3) Suppliers will be notified of the dispute via email.

On your laptop

From the Orders page, look for the order that you want to open a dispute. You can search via the order number, or filter by date, Supplier or status. Click to open the order.

At the bottom of the page, click on "Manage Order", then click on "Dispute".

A pop-up will appear. Enter a note for the dispute (eg. reason for dispute), this note will be sent to your Supplier. You can also upload an image to support your dispute. Once ready, click on "Open Dispute".

Pro-tip: In case you need to contact your Supplier, you can easily access their contact info from your order by clicking on the "Supplier Info" button!

On OrderEZ's mobile app

  1. Open the order that you want to open a dispute, then click on more options on the top right and click on "Open Dispute"

  2. Upload a photo to support your dispute and enter a note to the Supplier, then click on Open Dispute.

The status of the order will be In Dispute. Suppliers will also receive an email notifying them of the dispute.

After sorting out the issue, be sure to complete the order by resolving the dispute.

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