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Everything you need to know about Orders on OrderEZ

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Having all your orders on OrderEZ means that you will have the details of all your orders since the beginning of time (at least your time with OrderEZ) at your fingertips: here's a quick overview of where to find the information!

tl;dr - Overview of Orders

(1) From the Orders page, you can view all your order history, including order no., Supplier name, order date, status and total order amount.

(2) You can also click on the tabs to make changes to existing standing orders and scheduled orders

(3) Diving into each order, you also have access to the order notes and history of the order (eg when the order is accepted/scheduled for delivery etc)

Orders Page

  1. Different order types: Click on the tabs to view orders of each order type. Open the order to edit them (eg edit the quantity of product or change the interval for standing orders)

  2. Filters: Orders can be filtered by date, Supplier and statuses. The total amount for all orders on the top right corner of the page will also change accordingly.

  3. Important information of each orders: Get a clear view of all your orders - Which Supplier did you purchase from? When did you order it? What is the current status of the order? How much was it?

Diving deeper into each order

  • Order notes

You will have a record of all the communication notes between you and your Supplier, including the date of communication.

  • History

You are also able to track the order through the different stages and have a record of who placed the order or who accepted the orders, and when these changes were made.

Standing Orders

View all your recurring orders, the next order date and recurring intervals.

Click into each standing order to edit the order request (eg. stop order or edit the interval).

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