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Intro to Xero Integration for Outlets
Intro to Xero Integration for Outlets

Here's everything you need to know about the Xero integration

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Outlets/Cost Centres

A different cost centre is treated as a different Outlet in OrderEZ, hence each Outlet/Cost Centre on OrderEZ should point to a different COGS account in Xero. Learn how to set up the Xero integration for Outlets here.


You can match existing Suppliers from OrderEZ to contacts in Xero or add a new Xero contact as a new Supplier in OrderEZ.


Products are matched according to SKU number on OrderEZ and item code on Xero. When you purchase a new product from your Supplier, you do not need to create the corresponding product in Xero. Products are automatically created in Xero when the orders sync from OrderEZ to Xero.


After orders are marked as "Accepted" by the Suppliers, the orders will flow into Xero as draft Bills to Pay. The reference number of the bill in Xero will match the order number in OrderEZ. The date when you raise the order will be reflected as the date of the bill in Xero.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up the Xero integration with your OrderEZ account!

For more questions relating to the Xero integration, do also check out our help article on troubleshooting your Xero integration.

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