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Start to Finish Ordering with the OrderEZ Mobile App
Start to Finish Ordering with the OrderEZ Mobile App

Step by step video guides showing you how to navigate the order process via the OrderEZ mobile app!

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The majority of our users solely use the OrderEZ mobile app in their day-to-day ordering and receiving orders. We've created a video series showing how to navigate the ordering process from start to finish. Click on any of the titles to navigate to an in-depth explanation of each step.

  1. Swipe left on products to add them to your shopping cart.

  2. Head over to your "Cart" tab to adjust quantity & select the delivery date.

  3. Hit "Submit Order Request".

  1. Open order and click the three circles at the top, followed by "Edit Order Details".

  2. What can you edit

    1. Add additional items to the order,

    2. Change the quantity of products,

    3. Remove items from the order,

    4. Change requested delivery date.

3) Click "Save Changes".

  1. Open the order

    corresponding to the received delivery.

  2. Take a look at the order total on OrderEZ & click "Complete Order".

  3. Compare the OrderEZ order total to the received delivery invoice,

    1. If they match click --> Yes,

    2. If they don't match click ---> No,

  4. Capture & upload the invoice, and leave a note if necessary.

  5. Click "Confirm Delivery".

If there is no corresponding order in OrderEZ, make sure to log it as an offline order.

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