A large majority of our users find themselves solely using the OrderEZ mobile app in their day-to-day use. We've created a video series showing how to navigate the entire ordering process from start to finish.

How to Place an Order

Placing an order with our mobile app is straightforward. You do not need to think about the supplier, simply think of the products you need, and swipe right to add them to your cart.

You can also search for products, or filter the product list by the supplier.

Editing an Order

Do you need to remove products from an order? Update the quantity, or add additional products? Before the supplier has accepted your order, you can:

a) Add additional items to the order

b) Change the quantity of a product

c) Remove items from the order

Receiving & Completing an Order

The supplier has accepted your order and scheduled it for your specified delivery date. The order comes in, and hooray! all is well. The invoice matches the goods received, so we can complete the order and upload the invoice to OrderEZ.

Disputing an Order

We all hope to get exactly what we ordered, but we also know that's not going to happen every single time. You can open a dispute for orders where required (eg. wrong product delivered, missing product, spoiled products, etc), via OrderEZ's mobile application. This flags the order so that your accounts team and management know that this wasn't your everyday delivery and special attention should be paid.

Creating an Offline Order

We'll need to create an offline order for any orders not placed through the OrderEZ platform or to add new suppliers/products to the system. Step one is done via the mobile app.

After the offline order has been logged with the invoice attached your account manager or team member should process the order via a web browser through the following steps.

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