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How to Make The Most of Your FoodRazor Trial
How to Make The Most of Your FoodRazor Trial

The A to Z on how to utilize FoodRazor to it's full capacity during your free trial.

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Welcome to your FoodRazor free trial, thanks for giving it a whirl!

We're dedicated to helping restaurants, cafes, and bars like yours stay on top of their costs, invoices, accounting, and procurement processes.

We understand that getting the most out of your free trial is crucial, so we've put together this friendly guide to help you navigate the bells & whistles of FoodRazor and unlock its full potential.

Let's dive in!

Start by Uploading an Invoice

No more piles of paper invoices cluttering up your workspace. FoodRazor allows you to digitize and manage your invoices with ease.

At the top left, you’ll find the “Upload Invoice” button, and you can upload a PNG, JPG, or PDF of your invoice(s). From there, our data extraction engine will scan them, and within 24 hours all the information from the invoice will be digitized.

As you begin to upload invoices over the next few days, we’re automatically creating a database of all your suppliers, the products you’re buying, and the prices you are paying.

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After we’ve processed the invoices without any keystrokes out of you, it’s time to go ahead and create/label the categories. If you head over to Settings —> Product categories, you’ll be able to create the product categories you want to track.

Want to track all alcohol as one category? No problem. Want to break every bottle of booze down to its type to get the most accurate insights and reporting? Let’s do it!

On the overview homepage, you’ll find a “New Products” section - where you can set product categories for any new products uploaded within the last 14 days.

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With your categories created & set, we’re just about at the finish line of setting up FoodRazor.

Accounting Integrations

Now that invoices are being uploaded, and categories are set for products, we can move on to the accounting integration, which will become your accountant's best friend.

With FoodRazor, once we digitize all your invoices, our intuitive accounting integrations sync directly with Xero or QuickBooks, and create bills to pay, while mapping all purchases to the appropriate chart of accounts.

Say goodbye to manual data entry, and hello to efficiency.

You can find the setup guide for Xero here and for QuickBooks here.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of tracking categories within the Xero integration for when dealing with multiple locations. Have separate accounting books for different locations? No problem, we can accommodate that as well!

With the elements of setup complete, it’s time to unlock the true value of FoodRazor

Analytics & Data Reporting

With all your spending digitized automatically, you can strategically take advantage of the instant insights you receive. Negotiate discounts based on your spend with suppliers, have insights on how much you're spending on low margin products, and stay on top of category spending.

Have multiple locations? Compare and contrast profitability with the various metrics we display.

Spending By Supplier

Spending By Product

Spending By Category


With invoices flowing through FoodRazor, we’re building out a database of all your suppliers, the products you’re buying, and what you’re paying. You can now streamline and centralize all your procurement in one spot, and ensure your supplier receives a purchase order via email or SMS.

Looking for extra oversight for what orders specific individuals are placing? No problem - we can set up approval workflows, allowing you to delegate procurement while maintaining control.

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Time to Stay On Top of Any Price Hikes!

Never be left in the dark about increasing costs again. As soon as an invoice with a price increase is processed, you’ll receive an email the following morning notifying you of any price increases, and all items with price increases appear on your home dashboard.

You can also control how much of a % increase triggers these emails and set your threshold product by product.

We're curious about how you do things and how FoodRazor can help bring organization and clarity to your operations and help you stay on top of costs and procurement. Have any questions? Find a time to chat with the FoodRazor team here!

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