Supplier Process

Here's a quick summary of how the sales process will looks for Suppliers using OrderEZ.

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Receive Order

You start your day with a nice cup of coffee while logging into OrderEZ, and you see all the orders placed by the Customers and those inputted by your Sales Reps on the landing page. Sweet. Read more about orders at Orders, an intro. Alternatively, the Customers may place an order with you via phone calls or WhatsApp messages instead of the OrderEZ platform, check out "Adding New Orders" for more details.

Check Inventory

You see that you have an order for 13 bottles of gin from The First Bar, 17 bottles of white wine from The Best Winery and 20 cartons of beer from Ice Cold Brews. You certainly want to check your warehouse and stock levels before deciding to accept or decline the order. Find out more about inventory set up in OrderEZ at "Setting up your warehouses & tracking inventory" and "Managing Product Stock & Inventory."

Have a slightly more complex process for inventory? OrderEZ also supports integration with Quickbooks Commerce for inventory management. See "Integrations" for details on the setup.

Accept or Decline Order

Good thing you checked, you found that you have just enough gin and white wine to fill the orders, but you're short for the beer that Ice Cold Brews ordered. You are now ready to accept (or decline) the orders and notify your customers at the same time. Read more at "Accepting or Declining Orders".

Pro-tip: You can now skip the "Accept Order" step and move straight from the "Pending" stage to the "Schedule for Delivery" stage. 😎

Schedule for Delivery

You have accepted the orders, so your Customers are now expecting you to deliver the product, but when? Let your Customers know when they need to leave the side door open to receive their orders and let your warehouse team know what to prepare for delivery and when. For more information, see "Schedule a Delivery".

Complete Order

Hurray! You have successfully delivered the products to your Customers. You or the Customer can now click on the button to confirm the delivery and complete the order. Your accounting team will also be in the loop to ensure that your happy customers will make the payments for their order.

Sales Dashboard

At the end of the month, surely you want to find out which are your best selling products to stock up for the coming month, or which Customers haven't been ordering as much from you and perhaps throw in one discount code or two to win them back. Reports are a great tool to make such decisions. Learn more about the reports available at "Sales Dashboard, an introduction".

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