We’ve set up two key integrations at this stage, but more are in the works.

Today we have inventory management through TradeGecko (now excitedly called Quickbooks Commerce) as well as Xero for accounting.

The Quickbook Commerce integration lets you manage inventory in a more complex environment than our Primary and Secondary Warehouse setup. Wanna get fancy, go for it.

The Xero integration is the greatest gift you can give your accounts team. Free them from the pain of re-typing all the information from the orders into the accounting software and uploading invoices for audit records. It also works with your expense reports and account visit check-ins generating a bill to pay at the end of each month with the pictures of receipts attached…yeah, it’s pretty awesome and saves the team a ton of time.

Ready to start integrating with Xero, check out our articles about Xero Integration for Suppliers.

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