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Intro to Xero Integration for Suppliers
Intro to Xero Integration for Suppliers

Find out all about what the Xero Integration can do for you!

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The following article will provide more insights regarding the Xero integration for Suppliers and how data will flow between the platforms.


- The Xero integration will help automate invoice generation as it relates to orders, and bills to pay generation for expenses;

- Orders with "Accepted" status will flow into Xero as draft invoice

- Expenses will flow into Xero as draft bills to pay, with the choice of real-time or consolidated sync

- Use the Customer Sync and Product Sync feature to synchronise your customers and products between the platforms


You can match existing Customers from OrderEZ to contacts in Xero, or add a new Xero contact as a Customer in OrderEZ.

To add a new Xero contact as a Customer, simply search for the contact name in OrderEZ. You will be able to see that this new Customer is coming from Xero, as indicated under the Customer name in the search result. Click on the Customer name to start creating the new Customer.

You can also create a new customer in OrderEZ and have it sync to Xero as a new contact. When the first order from the customer is placed and accepted, and the first draft invoice flows into Xero, the corresponding new contact will also be created in Xero.


Products are matched according to SKU number in OrderEZ, and item code in Xero. Changes to products in Xero will be synced to OrderEZ when you click on the "Sync Product" button, on the Xero integration page. New products added in Xero can also be synced to OrderEZ using this Product Sync feature.


When orders from OrderEZ is accepted, it will flow into Xero as a draft invoice. The reference number of the invoice in Xero will match the order number in OrderEZ, and the scheduled delivery date of the order will be reflected as the date of the invoice. The invoice number from Xero will also be reflected in OrderEZ's invoice.


Expenses from OrderEZ flow into Xero as draft Bills to Pay. The Xero integration offers two ways to automate the generation of Bills to Pay:

1. Individual transactions

When you select this option, each expense logged in OrderEZ will flow into Xero, real-time as an individual Bill to Pay.

2. Combined (Monthly)

This option will give you the choice to select the day of the month that you want your expenses to be pushed into Xero. At the start of the selected day, all expenses from the previous calendar month will be synced into Xero as a single bill consolidated by account representative (ie: one bill per account representative).

All attached pictures of the receipt will also flow into Xero.

Setting up this integration is straightforward and easy. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it!

Have more questions about how the integration work? Check out our help article on troubleshooting your Xero integration!

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