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Setting Up Your OrderEZ Account
Setting up OrderEZ for your supply business
Setting up OrderEZ for your supply business

What do you need to prepare and set up before you start your journey with OrderEZ

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A warm hello from the OrderEZ team! Before you get to experience the benefits of OrderEZ, here are some things you need to prepare and set up!

1. Supplier Info

Set up your company information, such as name, company logo and address. Read "Supplier Info" for more details. You can even add your terms and conditions to the Onboarding Settings tab and it will be included in the onboarding step when you send the onboarding link to your customers.

Not sure how to start drafting the Terms and Conditions for your business? Websites like and can provide you with some insights on where to start.

2. Inventory Tracking and Warehouse

Inventory tracking is so important - you want to know exactly what you have so that your sales team knows what to sell, and your warehouse team know when they need to buy more. We know how confusing it can get, moving products in and out of your warehouse.

If you would like to use the inventory tracking feature on OrderEZ, be sure to switch the feature on. Want to use Quickbooks Commerce for inventory management, OrderEZ can be integrated into that as well.

3. Xero integration

Why spend additional time working on data entry when your orders and expenses from OrderEZ can easily flow into Xero as draft invoices and bills to pay? Check out "Xero Integration for Suppliers" for a step-by-step guide on how to set up the integration.

4. Users

The next important question is: Who will be using OrderEZ? Some questions to think about:

  • Who will be adding new customers (Customers)?

  • Who will be accepting new orders from Customers?

  • Who will be delivering the products?

  • Who will be able to view the reports?

  • Who will be managing the product list?

Check out "Users" for more information about the roles and permissions.

5. Products

It is finally time to set up your products so that the Customers can see the huge range of products you have on offer and start ordering away! The key information needed to set up your products includes name and price, but we highly recommend that you also record the SKUs and category of the product. Click here to find out why SKUs are so important and how they can help you manage your inventory.

Do you also know that you can set up tier pricing in OrderEZ? Tier pricing strategy can be employed to give special prices to Customers when they purchase in bulk! You can also set out different prices for each customer! Read more at "Product Pricing".

Learn more about the various methods you can use to add products.

6. Customers

Your customers are as important as your products. When first setting up your Customers in OrderEZ you can just add them, after all you already have a relationship with them. You can simply use the template to bulk upload your Customers.

Pro-tip: Uploading your Customers will keep them in the "Draft" status. This way, you can set up special tier pricing and availability of products tagged to the Customer before officially inviting them to the platform!

For new customers, you can send them an account opening form via an onboarding link, this creates a Freemium account for them and when they finish signing up to your terms and conditions, they will be directed straight to the ordering page for them to place their first order. Find out more at "Adding Customers".

Just starting to talk to new potential customers? You definitely want to keep them close and nurture them to become your customer. Add these Customers as Target Accounts and when you eventually convert them to your buying customers, you can simply hit the "Send Onboarding Link" to get them to sign up for their Freemium account and start ordering.

Pro-tip: The best part about using the account opening form? You get to see the customer status at the Account Activity page of the Sales Dashboard. This way, you get visibility on whether the form has been sent to the Customer or if the Customer has completed the form (ie successfully created their Freemium account) but have not placed their first order. Perfect indicator on when to do a status check-in with the Customer.

7. Start managing your orders

Congratulations! You have completed the setup and can now manage your orders on OrderEZ. Check out this Supplier process flow for the various stages of managing orders and inventory.

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