Premium Outlets

Premium Outlets (identified by the yellow badge next to their name) are also using OrderEZ to order from all of their Suppliers.

To connect to these Outlets, you will need to send them a connection request (something like a "Friend Request"). The Outlet will need to accept the request before they can see the products and prices you have set up for them and start placing orders from you.

Find out how to connect to Premium Outlets here.

Freemium Outlets

Freemium Outlets are basically all other Outlets that are currently not using OrderEZ to place orders with their Suppliers. When you onboard a new Outlet, they will receive a Freemium account that allows them to place orders with you.

To add a Freemium Outlet, you can either:

(1) Do-it-yourself

(2) Set up a Xero contact as a new Outlet

(3) Send an onboarding link

(4) Bulk upload Outlets

Target Accounts

Target Accounts are your potential customers. They are not set up as an Outlet, but the sales team is working to officially onboard them.

You can add a new target account by creating a new to-do task. From a target account, you can also easily send the Outlet an onboarding link to onboard them to OrderEZ (when they will become a Freemium Outlet).

What else can you do?

Manage Outlet Info

Manage Outlet information such as assigning a sales rep to the Outlet, add or edit contact persons and manage product visibility and prices.

You can set up multiple contacts at each Outlet. These contact people will receive notifications when orders are accepted/scheduled for delivery. Find out more about Outlet contacts here.

Accept Connection Request

Just like how you can send connection requests to your customers, Outlets can also send connection requests to you. Learn how you can accept these requests to connect to the Outlet here.

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