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A big welcome to OrderEZ! As you begin your journey with OrderEZ, here are some pointers to take note of while setting up your Outlet or Group of Outlets!

1. Outlet Group information

Let us know who you are! Upload your company logo and set up your Outlet(s). If you have different managers managing different Outlets, be sure to set up these Outlets separately. If you have different Cost of Goods Sold account for different functions of your Outlets (eg. Kitchen, Beverages, and/or Operations etc), you will need to set them up as separate Outlets before working on the Xero integration (which is SUCH a useful feature, next point to come!).

Read more about Outlet group information here!

2. Xero Integration

Managing one platform can be such a hassle sometimes, let alone working on two. That's why we worked on integrating Xero with OrderEZ to help lessen the workload of your accountants. Free your accountants from the inconvenience of repetitive data entry and set up the integration, then watch orders and expenses sync seamlessly into Xero. Learn more about how the Xero integration can help you and your business here.

3. Users

With OrderEZ, there will be *some* changes to your day-to-day operations, but trust me, they will be for the better. The next step is to figure out who will be using OrderEZ to do what. Some guiding questions will include:

  • How many Outlets do you have? Do managers manage only one Outlet or all Outlets?

  • Who will be managing the Suppliers and Products? As you purchase from new Suppliers or new Products from existing suppliers, these need to be set up in OrderEZ.

  • Who will be placing orders? Who will be receiving orders?

While working through who will be doing what on OrderEZ, you want to consider the following as well:

  • Managing Suppliers and Products: There is someone at your Outlet who is responsible for signing off on new Suppliers and new Products. In order to get the most out of OrderEZ someone has to do data entry ONCE so that you never have to do it again, adding the contact information of the Supplier, Products, and product prices. You may want to assign this to someone who is usually working on their laptops, yet are familiar with this data (eg: finance team, bookkeeper, or manager)

  • Placing orders: If you have several Outlets, you may want to assign one or two individuals from each Outlet to be in charge of placing orders, rather than giving this to everyone on the ground. Nervous about giving people unchaperoned access to ordering? Read more about our approval workflows here.

Learn more about the various user roles and permissions here.

4. Suppliers and Products

Now that you are done with the basic setup, it's time for the fun part: who you buy from and what do you buy?

There are two types of Suppliers in OrderEZ: Premium and Freemium, but don't worry too much, you can order from them regardless of their status. There is just some small difference which we elaborate further in "Types of Suppliers".

Generally, you should fall in one of the three baskets below:

  • The Suppliers and products are already in OrderEZ's database - In this case, you will connect to them (something like adding a friend on Facebook). Learn how to drop them a quick buzz to connect at "Connecting to Suppliers".

  • You are connected to the Supplier, but do not see the product that you purchase - See how you can add new products to existing Suppliers.

  • You cannot find the Supplier in OrderEZ's database - No problem at all! Check out "Adding New Suppliers" to find out how!

5. Start ordering!

Outlet group information? Done. User administration? Done. Suppliers and products. Done. Great work team!

You are all good to go now. For more information about the ordering process, check out this overview article.

Need more help?

While logged into OrderEZ platform, you can easily access the help articles by clicking on the outlet name on the top right corner of the page, then clicking on "Help".

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