Outlet Process

Here's a quick outline of the purchasing process for Outlets on OrderEZ.

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Place Order

You're doing your weekly checks on inventory and find that you're low on butter, beef patties and kitchen towels. Fret not, as placing orders from your Suppliers is just a click away with OrderEZ. Learn how to place regular orders at "Creating New Orders". What about "irregular" orders, you may ask? Find out more about the different types of orders in OrderEZ at "Types of Orders" and "Overview of Orders".

Order Approval

Just before your orders are sent to your Suppliers, you might need someone else to check through them and approve them. Maybe someone already ordered the products yesterday, or maybe the products were stashed away in a different corner of the storeroom. See "Approvals and Purchase Limit" for more information about approval setup.

Order is Accepted or Declined

You have submitted the orders to your Suppliers, the ball is in their court now. Suppliers will accept or decline the orders, and you will receive notifications regarding their decision, either via email or via OrderEZ's mobile application.

Receive Order

Your Suppliers have accepted your orders and will be delivering them tomorrow morning as agreed. How do you know? OrderEZ sends you an email notification after your Suppliers schedule the order for delivery, so you know when to make sure that you have sufficient manpower to receive the orders. Cool cool cool cool cool.

Complete Order

You received the 10 blocks of butter as expected and you're happy with the order. Your last task is to hit the "Complete Order" button and upload the invoice to the order for your accounting team. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

However, if something goes awry, we'll want to check "No" for the "Does this delivery invoice match the order?" prompt. Refer to the Action Needed Guide on how to make sure everything is tidy and buttoned up.

Read more at "Completing an Order".


You find that, unfortunately, your Supplier had to turn down your order for 2 cartons of kitchen towels because they were out of stock. But they will restock them next month and you definitely want to reorder the kitchen towels from the same Supplier. Find out how to do so at "Reordering".

Offline Orders

In the meantime, you decide that you really need the kitchen towels and settled on purchasing them from a new Supplier. You didn't place the order on OrderEZ, since this was an urgent ad-hoc order, but you definitely want to record this order for your accounts team, so you log it as an offline order on the platform and set up the Supplier information, etc, just in case you need to order from them again in the future. Check out "Offline Order" for more details.

Open Dispute

Your Supplier delivered the beef patties late. You also realized that the delivery falls short of the order by a carton. Open a dispute to notify your Supplier that there is an issue with the order. Your accounting team will also see that the order is in dispute and know that they shouldn't be making the payment yet. For more information, see "Disputing Order".

Resolve Dispute

The remaining quantities of beef patties were delivered promptly the next day, so all is good now. You can now resolve this dispute, add a note for the accounts team on what happened, and move on with business. Find out how at "Resolve Disputed Order".

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