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FAQ for Trial Suppliers
FAQ for Trial Suppliers

The answer to all your questions! Can't find the answer here? Simply reach out to us at or hit the chat in the bottom right.

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What does the trial account include?

The OrderEZ trial is a 30-day trial account that gives you access to the Premium Supplier Plan, including sales team management, order management, reporting, accounting integration, and inventory management.

This means you can:

  • Add your products to OrderEZ

  • Add customers (but do note that the trial account is a live account)

  • Add new orders and manage your orders on the platform

  • Access the Sales Dashboard and get insights into your business

  • Try out the Xero integration

Who is eligible for the OrderEZ trial account?

The OrderEZ trial is available for all customers who have never tried or paid for OrderEZ before. You can sign up at here.

Do I have to add a credit card for the trial account?

Absolutely not! The OrderEZ trial is FREE and you don't need to put your credit card details in advance.

I'm new to OrderEZ! Where should I start?

Hello from the OrderEZ team! 🌟 We're glad to be part of your journey to grow your business! For a start, check out "Setting up OrderEZ for your supply business" to understand how to set up your business on OrderEZ. We recommend you go through your trial journey in the following order to receive the best experience!

Can I add my own customers when I'm on the trial account?

A definite YES! However, do note that your trial account is a LIVE account. This means that when you add your customers to the platform, they will receive emails notifying them that they have been added to the platform. If you would like to add your customers to OrderEZ during the trial period, be sure to drop them a quick note to let them know that you're testing out a new (and really awesome) business management platform.

I prefer not to add my own customers/products at the moment... Can I have a go at the platform with dummy data?

Of course! After signing up for the trial, we will share with you sample products and Customers that you can use. Feel free to refer to our help articles for guides on how to load the sample products and Customers to set up your account πŸ˜„

My trial ended but I need more time! Can I request an extension?

We get it, you got unexpectedly busy and didn't have enough time to fully experience OrderEZ in the 30-days trial. Extension of the trial period is only available upon request, kindly contact your account representative or email us at

I would love to move forward with OrderEZ! What's next?

We're happy you like OrderEZ. Feel free to reach out to your account representative, or drop us a nudge at and we will be in contact with you shortly!

What happens to my account at the end of the 30-days if I decide not to move on with the paid plan?

Trial accounts will be deleted during routine product maintenance at OrderEZ.

Help! I have more questions! Who can I speak to?

Simple reach out to your assigned account representative or with your questions.

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